icomm - Integrates the comunication

ICOMM was founded with the purpose of studying romanian it market and come up with professional it services.

The complexity of networks, internet / intranet services and applications that derive from these services have increased dramatically. Many new business models, customer services, etc., are based on new types of communications network (Internet, intranet, telephone, etc.).

Based on these observations, with cumulative rate as the need for greater communication, ICOMM has created a team that covers a large part of IT services.

ICOMM offers professional support starting with consulting, network design and up to the local configuration of firewalls, redundant connections, secure e-mail servers, VPN-ROMs, Internet and intranet access.

In other words, ICOMM can achieve a complex network, multi-user, upgratable based on international standards, monitoring and interfering in all customer equipment.