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Crisis situations are exceptional moments in the life of an organization or society. Preparation for the efficient management of these situations depends on advicing all those involved in resolving the crisis and the transmission of all information necessary for appropriate decision.

In this way, ICOMM involvement in the development of an automatic system of warning for situations that occur there or possibility of incidents of any kind comes as a natural complement for the services it offers.

Built starting from the premises of necessity, the system is able to record and transmit the message alert in the shortest time, so that authorized persons have immediate access to transmitted messages.

The system can operate with a large number of people who can carry the message instantly by phone, fax or SMS.

Alert and status of each message can be visualized at any time evaluating the efficiency of transmission. Automatically be reported to state calls: the phone, busy or message sent.

Such a system is already implemented in an A. N. Apele Romane and works at the national level to alert in case of disaster or threat of floods. The system was thus designed to meet the requirements of the project WATMAN (an information system for water resources management ).