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ICOMM - Structured cabling

Structured cabling represent foundation of a network and the main subject of other equipment that depend on the composition of the network. Why choose structured cabling system? A communication network is one of the most important components of the infrastructure and therefore it should have a long life (more than 15 years).

Using a structured cabling adapted to your present and future needs you will be able to cut down most of the future costs of installing new cables and equipment each time an user changes its work. In addition, structured cabling system provides a user interface similar to the electrical outlet,very easy to use.

To achieve structured cabling we use the most reliable and modern equipment: fiber optic cable, distributed on a well-defined basis your present and future needs you will be able to cut down most of the future costs of, connectors elements (modules, etc..) Network elements liabilities ( patch panels, patch chords , outlets, etc..), active network elements (switches, routers, etc.) racks.

Advantages of the structured cabling system:
  • reducing the administration costs;
  • simplified computer networks and phone networks maintenance;
  • including new users is easy to make;
  • changing computer's location involves no additional effort;
  • the structured cabling network is independent from all other applications and has a modular and flexible design;
  • easy setups and effortless administration of the data network;
  • a structured cabling system provides an open platform for building any informational system.