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ICOMM - software system for monitoring Internet connections, VPN, Network

This software system allows monitoring the internet connection / connections, the VPN'es (regardless of location - local, country, abroad), a local network.
By implementing the solution, ICOMM makes available your own monitoring program.

This program provides:
  • strict monitoring of all your locations;
  • traffic statistics for each IP / connection;
  • assign upstream/downstream bandwidth;
  • delay monitoring;
  • packet loss monitoring;
  • various types of alarm of an event (e-mail, beep on the computer monitor, SMS on mobile phones).

You can access the system by a web browser.
Monitoring can be done on each location, each IP location (if they are allocated more IP / location).

In each location will be possible to define:
  • location name, address, phone number, if the location is active or not in the VPN, time and data;
  • allocated bandwidth per IP / location;
  • IP-s monitored in this location;
  • the access level for each location in the VPN network;
  • the management of data traffic for each address in the VPN network;
  • modifications for each IP/location.

This solution gives you the ability to define users having different permissions, to modify their access rights and set up different types of alarms for any type of events